CIC Exhibits at Trade Show

March 2012

CSC Network’s Supplier Exhibition

CIC Trade Show TeamWe were pleased to participate and exhibit at this year’s CSC Network Annual Convention in Las Vegas, NV. The Laundry Industry convention was a success and was stated by the CSC as one of the best attended and most well-received events they have had.

The convention took place from March 7th – 9th in the sleek and modern hotel off the strip – the Arria Resort & Casino. This convention consisted of training sessions, a networking social, the supplier exhibition and a Zappos headquarters tour. Each event had both laundry industry suppliers and CSC
members in attendance and participation.

The members and guests that attended the trade show, or suppliers’ exhibition, came from all different kinds of businesses throughout the industry. There were employees representing uniform, linen, textiles, cleaners and parts companies. A few of the other large exhibitors that attended were Brim Machinery, Ellis and Milnor.

Our booth looked sharp and was ready for guests! Team CIC brought 5 employees to the show and was prepared for any questions that guests may have had. Our team was led by Chris Prunk, the Owner and President of CIC. We also had Mari Ruiz – Operations Manager, Michael Samuel – Sales Engineer in Arizona and Nevada, Josh Payne – Sales Engineer in Northern California, and Alex Jacobs – Marketing Director.

Overall, the convention and show were a success. We are excited about some of the new people we met and connections made. Plus, it’s always great to see and shake hands with any of our existing and future customers.

Let us know if there’s anything we can do for you. We look forward to seeing you at a Laundry Trade Show in the future!

Thank You,
Team CIC

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