Commercial Laundry Clutches

E-series ClutchConsolidated International is proud to carry commercial laundry machine clutches made by Oil States Industries. These clutches are manufactured in the USA. The rubber is mixed and produced and the parts are all manufactured in Oil States’ US factory. They are all made with state-of-the-art engineering support and carry the ISO and
ABS quality certifications.

The E-series Clutch Kit comes in either 8″, 10″ or 12″.
The type E element is an expanding configuration with the
elastomeric tube located on the outside of the rim (instead
of the inside as with the constricting types).

Elasta-Flex ClutchThe Elasta-Flex Clutch is available in either 6″, 8″ or 10″. The CB style clutch utilizes an integral rim/tube construction. This unique concept provides versatility and the ability to compensate for less than perfect alignment in the driving system while still delivering a smooth transfer of power.

If you have any further questions or would like a quote on either of these clutches, please give us a call or email today!

Thank you,
Team CIC

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