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Index Center PlateWe’re proud to present our re-engineered Jaw Transfer Clamp and Index Center Plate for Chicago Dryer’s King Edge Feeders.

These transfer clamps and center plates are very strong and made of a solid billet T6 Aluminum that has been manufactured by Consolidated in San Diego, CA, USA.

Each clamp is CNC machined to exact tolerance and
specifications to work just like the original clamps, while
Left Jaw Transfer Clampproviding extreme durability in a one-piece design. Each
custom-made plate has less flex and is much stronger than the original!

The Jaw Transfer Inserts are held in place by four set screws. These set screws will securely hold the insert in place, but also be easy to change in the field. The screws are each a 4-40 set screw that is 3/16” in length. These set screws require a .050 allen wrench to loosen and

Right Jaw Transfer ClampTo learn more about these, simply click on the Part Name below and it will link you to that product’s page.

Index Clamp Center Plate
Part No. 0204-298
Our low price: $332.50

Jaw Transfer Clamp, left
Part No. 0204-296C
Our low price: $149.95

Replacement GripsJaw Transfer Clamp, right
Part No. 0204-297C
Our low price: $149.95

Clamp Replacement Grips
Part No. 0204-295C
Our low price: $14.95 each

To order any of these parts or for a free quote, please give us a call or
email today: 1-866-632-2298 or

Thank You,
Team CIC

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