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Ellis High Torque Timing Belt

Ellis Timing BeltGreat Product.. New Low Price!
The Carlisle Panther Plus Timing Belt is made for use one Ellis washer/extractors. We’re excited to announce and offer this superior product at our New Low Price!

Panther Plus belts were developed to increase the
range of power transmission in synchronous belts to a level previously only possible by less sufficient forms of mechanical drive systems, such as chains or gears.
The (RPP) reinforced parabolic profile reduces synchronous drive noise, minimizes tooth jump and shear, increases torque and power transmission capability, and improves meshing of the belt and sprocket.

Panther Plus Belts for Ellis Machines are:
• Compact – Smaller, more compact drive systems offer lighter weight, higher performance and improved efficiency.

• Powerful – Delivers maximum horsepower on some of the toughest high torque drive systems in the world.

• Efficient – Delivers an average of 99% operating efficiency, which reduces energy consumption by as much as 5%.

• Agile – Its range of industry applications and services is virtually endless.

Ellis Timing Belt
Panther Plus Synchronous
Part No: 5902000361
Length: 3500 mm, Width: 115 mm
Pitch Width: 14 mm, Pitch Depth: 6.35 mm

Regular List Price: $1,166.82
Our Low Price: $850.00
Save Over 25%*

To order this product, please give us a call or send us an email today:
1-866-632-2298 or

Thank You,
Team CIC

*Save approximately 28% off the list price. Discounted product is limited to stock on-hand.

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