Chicago Feeder Transfer Clamp

Newly Redesigned

Jaw Transfer Clamp

Jaw Transfer Clamp Introducing our newly redesigned Jaw Transfer Clamp
for Chicago Dryer’s Edge Feeders.

The new Jaw Transfer Clamp is a solid billet T6 Aluminum part that has been manufactured by CIC in San Diego, CA, USA. Each clamp is CNC machined to exact tolerance and specifications to work just like the original clamps, while providing extreme durability in a one-piece design.

The Jaw Transfer Inserts are held in place by four set screws. These set screws will securely hold the insert in place, but also be easy to change in the field. The screws are each a 4-40 set screw that is 3/16” long. These set screws require a .050 allen wrench to loosen and tighten.

To set the screws follow these few steps. First, turn the allen wrench clockwise until you feel a slight resistance. Second, turn the wrench an additional 1/4 turn to lock into place. Do not over tighten the screws. That may damage or break the insert.

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024-296C – Chicago Jaw Transfer Clamp, left
024-297C – Chicago Jaw Transfer Clamp, right

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