CIC-EDGEKIT Upgrade Maintenance Kit for Chicago Dryer's King Edge Feeders is a complete solution for maintaining and upgrading Edge Feeder. This package deal includes a newly designed Jaw Transfer Clamps & T6 Aluminum Center Plate, Spreader Clamps (right & left), hardware kits, bearings, jaw clamp inserts, brake clutches, and a T6 polyurethane roller, all at a lower overall price compared to buying them separately.

  •  Durable and Strong: Made of solid billet T6 aluminum, the Jaw Transfer Clamp, Index Center Plate, and Spreader Clamps are CNC machined to exact tolerances and specifications, providing extreme durability in a one-piece design.
  •  Improved Performance: The new design of the Jaw Transfer Clamp and Index Center Plate is 400% stronger than the original, ensuring smoother and more consistent operation.
  •  Easy Maintenance: The Jaw Transfer Inserts are held in place by four set screws, making it easy to change out if necessary for quick and efficient maintenance.
  • Reliable and Long-lasting: The one-piece design of the Jaw Transfer Clamp and Index Center Plate reduces the risk of structural defects, providing added reliability and longevity.
  • Smoother operation: The T6 polyurethane wheel is designed to be more durable and long-lasting than traditional rubber or plastic wheels, providing a smoother and more consistent operation.

Complete Solution: The CIC-EDGEKIT Upgrade Maintenance Kit is a comprehensive package that includes all the necessary components for maintaining and upgrading your Chicago Dryer's King Edge Feeders. With this kit, you'll have everything you need to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Kit Includes

(1) 0204-296C - CIC Jaw Trans Clamp Kit – Left
(1) 0204-297C - CIC Jaw Trans Clamp Kit – Right
(1) 0204-260C - Replacement Chicago Dryer Spreader Clamp By CIC - Right
(1) 0204-265C - Replacement Chicago Dryer Spreader Clamp By CIC - Left
(2) 0204-295C - Jaw clamp insert
(1) 1208-133C - Brake clutch
(1) 1208-136C - T6 Brake clutch
(1) 1208-137C - T6 ROLL, W/POLYURETHENE
(1) 0204-hardware kit
(1) 0204-bearing

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