See Why we choose to use Flexco as our brand of choice and how Unibar Lacing can benefit when on a tight budget or want your flatwork ironer and Feeder belts to last.

Easier Install Of Unibar Lacing Hooks

Easier Installation

Individual Welded Hooks to a Common Bar - Forms a Continuous Strip of Fasteners simplifying handling, install, meshing belt ends together and inserting and the connecting pin.

Clean Ironer Belt Splicing

Cleaner Belt Splicing

Parallel Hook Positions Due to Parallel Bar - Creates a flat finished splice and eliminates “Belt Wave”. Quickly meshing two belt ends and smooth pin insertion.

Stainless Steel Strong

430 Stainless Strong

Strength at High Temperatures - Resistance to fire and heat allowing it to resist scaling and retain strength at high heat with significantly higher abrasion vs .054” wire. The Unibar Fastener provides 36% greater pull-out strength than standard U3 Offerings.

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